SharePoint 2010 Resources

There are many self-help resources for learning how to use SharePoint 2010 in the Cooperative Extension Intranet:

Getting started with SharePoint 2010 including login information (requires a CES username/password)

Archives of introductory training/demos:

Introduction to the CES Intranet Using SharePoint 2010 (1 hr)

Introduction to the CES Intranet Workspaces (1hr)

Introduction to the CES Intranet MySites (1 hr)

 SharePoint 2010 Site Owners Common Tasks and Tips (1 hr)

Additional training sessions will be announced periodically via email, require pre-registration and are restricted to CES colleagues and support staff (who have a CES Outlook email address.)

Help blog

Within SharePoint 2010, there are many step-by-step instructions for common tasks: (login required)

Still need help? 

Contact the CES Helpdesk, 1-800-760-7610 or 608-265-3895.

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