Protecting yourself from Phishing attacks

Over the past few months there has been a dramatic increase in the number of publicized and highly visible cyber attacks on various company and government websites. The news outlets have reported of attacks against Credit card companies, major electronics manufacturers, federal government entities, and a slew of other public and private websites. Cyber criminals […]


Free lesson plans on Cyberbullying

Many of our educators have inquired about curriculum resources available in regards to Cyberbullying. We are currently in the early stages of addressing some of these requests. While we work with Cooperative Extension staff and other resources in determining how to fulfill these requests, we have found one site which provides free lesson plans and resources […]


WI Personal Information Disclosure Act

The unauthorized disclosure of personal information, be it intentional or accidental, is something which we have to concern ourselves with when working online.

Getting permission before sharing personal information is an important step to take.


Phishing and Email scams

University of Wisconsin–Madison has a very informative post on Phishing and Email scams available at

Should you have any questions or concerns about Phishing and Email Scams, or if you think you have been the victim of one, please contact 800.760.7610 or 608.265.3895 Email: