Eating Smart Being Active

Eating Smart Being Active  (ESBA) is an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) curriculum.  It was developed by EFNEP staff at Colorado State University and the University of California at Davis. Eight core lessons have been designed for nutrition educators to teach healthy lifestyle choices to low-income families with young children.  Additional/Optional lessons include making healthy choices during pregnancy and feeding baby.

Dane  County UW-Extension Nutrition Educators teach this series of lessons to participants in group settings at various community sites.   There are also limited opportunities for one on one classes.  Classes are available in English or Spanish.

FREE to families with children

Lesson Topics:

  1. Get Moving! – Enjoy being active together.
  2. Plan, Shop, $ave – Plan and shop for meals and snacks that are healthy and within your budget.
  3. Fruits & Veggies:  Half Your Plate – Increase the amount of veggies and fruits you eat every day.
  4. Make Half Your Grains Whole – Choose at least half your grains as whole grains.
  5. Build Strong Bones – Get enough calcium from low-fat or non-fat foods.
  6. Go Lean with Protein – Choose lean protein foods and keep all foods safe to eat.
  7. Make a Change – Limit foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.
  8. Celebrate! Eat Smart & Be Active – Celebrate new knowledge and skills!

Optional Lessons:

  1. Eating Smart & Being Active During Pregnancy
  2. Feeding Your New Baby – Breastfeeding and Formula
  3. Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods
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