UW Extension provides weekly food and nutrition education classes to Leopold parents


Beginning January 21, UW Extension has provided weekly Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) classes to eight parents at Leopold Elementary School. These 90 minute sessions on Wednesday nights focus learning around “Eating Smart, Being Active.” Parents learned about being active, planning shopping trips to save money, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, proper serving portions, how to incorporate healthy foods into their diets including whole grains, calcium, protein and more!

Every week the group prepares a simple recipe and receives various kitchen tools to incorporate what they learned into their daily routines at home! UW Extension teachers were even able to do at-home lessons for individuals who missed classes. On March 11, six parents graduated the program including: Seleny Carcano, Sonia Eulogio, Sandra Nunez, Laura Cabrera, Fresvinda Ramos, and Ricarda de la Rosa. Other participants are finishing remaining courses at home. We look forward to continuing these courses next school year!

Article source: MMSD April 2015