Board Development Resources

Effective board leadership and governance helps organizations operate to their fullest capacity.  Recruiting and retaining board members, running effective meetings, utilizing your board’s strengths, having mission driven strategic plans, and effective working relationships among board, staff, funders, volunteers, and others allows the board to thrive.  Creating an effective board is a continual process.  Below are some resources to assist in board development.

Board Resources

United Way of Central New Mexico Provides a wide array of resources helpful to boards including sample policy documents, board assessment tools, board recruitment and nomination information, board advocacy resources, executive director evaluation guidance, board/staff relationship documents, board’s role in fundraising, liability insurance information, meeting guidance, and website resources.

Non profit Board assessment worksheet   This assessment allows a board to review the skills and diversity its current members bring and at the same time examine where the board may wish to recruit to bring more diversity onto the board to increase its capacity to be effective more broadly.