Food System Entrepreneur Development

Dane County boasts a dynamic local food system, as is witnessed by the large number of direct market farms, the proliferation of farmers’ markets, the development of shared use kitchens and food business incubators and Madison’s plans for a public market. Truly, the local food system is a thriving business ecosystem; and like all ecosystems, this one needs to be resilient and sustainability in order to survive. Entrepreneurship is key to food system resilience and sustainability. 

Archives from presentations at the Edible Startup Summit and Edible Extended Workshop (August, 2015) can be found here.

Archives from DATCP’s Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Food Business Training Series (2014-2015) can be found here.

Dane County Extension partners with other organizations to provide training programs for food entrepreneurs. If you are interested in collaborating on or hosting a training or networking program, please contact Sharon Lezberg at: