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Whether you are looking to start a farm, expand your dairy herd, or have some animals on your property, your Dairy & Livestock Educator is here to help you!

Jennifer can help you with a specific issue or come out and consult about some changes you are thinking of making. Through your county office, you have access to the large network of Extension professionals and specialists around the state to help you with any of your needs related to dairy and livestock production.

Contact Jennifer with any questions or to set-up a meeting! Call her at 608-224-3717 or email her at blazek.jennifer@countyofdane.com

Feeling the Farm Income Slump? Some Tips for Managing Through

Feeling like there’s no getting out of this slump? Here are some tips from Kevin Bernhardt to help you manage through the bottom of the farm income cycle.

Bilingual Agricultural Chemical Safety Videos Now Available

Objectives of the video series are to educate dairy farm employees about the potential risks of handling agricultural chemicals and the safety measures to keep themselves safe. Since many employees own smartphones, videos are available on YouTube to provide easy access. The videos covered in the series are (English/Spanish):Introduction to agricultural chemical safety/Introducción a seguridad […]

Graze Dairy Heifers, Reap the Benefits

Late 2015, the Dairy Heifer Grazing Initiative started as a collaboration with UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems and the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program to increase grazing practices in Dane County. Research was conducted in 2016 on three Dane County dairy farms and one Brown County dairy farm. To download the fact sheet on the […]

Weigh Your Hay Now, Save Money Later

Jennifer Blazek, Dane County Dairy & Livestock Educator “Eyeballing” your hay? It’s important to know how much your hay weighs, not only for more efficient feeding, but it also keeps your feed costs down. To learn more, check out the fact sheet on the UWEX Forage Team FYI website. Contact Jennifer with any questions.

Summertime Safety at Fairs, Festivals, & Farm Tourism Ventures

John Shutske, Ag Safety Specialist Millions of people visit county and state fairs, farm festivals, and “agritourism” destinations every summer. Visiting a petting zoo, spending a day at the fair to check out the grand champion steer, or a taking a late summer walk through a corn maze or pumpkin patch provides opportunities for people […]

close-up grass pasture
Determining Fair Pasture Rental Rates

One of the most frequent questions producers ask is, “What is a fair rental rate for pasture?” In the absence of a commercial market for pasture, producers often end up bargaining for a rental price. For instance, if there is a large amount of pasture acres in a given area, the rent may be lower […]

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