Dane County 4-H Organizational Leader Handbook

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General Information:

Dane County 4-H Office
Map of Dane County 4-H Clubs
What are the 4H emblems and symbols
Who’s Who and Terms in 4-H?
Roles and Responsibilities
Monthly Calendar

Fiscal Policy

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Policies
Using the Name and Emblem
Tax Exemption Status of 4-H Clubs
Involving People With Disabilities
Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work
Risky Business: How Prepared Are You?

4-H Fundraising
Guidelines for 4-H Fundraising
Fundraising For Your Club
Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts

Financial Accountability
Audit Checklist
Considering Expenditures of Over $500
Excess Funds and 5-Year Plan
Money Matters – Money Basics
Money Matters – Financial Accountabilty
Money Matters – Managing 4-H Money
Money Matters – Audits 4-H Clubs Group
Money Matters – Annual Financial Report
Money Matters – 4H Fundraising
Wisconsin 4-H Club Financial Handbook

Leader’s Board and Association:
Dane County Leaders Association – FAQ
Board of Directors




Club Information:
Info for 4-H Leaders
Getting Started With a 4-H Club
FAQ About 4-H
Selecting a Name For Your Club
Devising a 4-H Club Constitution
Creating a Club Leadership Team
Working With Your Clubs Officer Team
Keeping Order and Positive Discipline

Projects/Project Leaders:

Making the Most of Your Projects
Im a Project Leader Now What Do I Do
Planning Project Meetings
Setting Project Goals
Preparing for Exhibit

Record Books:
Record Keeping is Fun

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