WI 4-H International Opportunity for You!

“Do you know what I learned from this child?” asked one host father. “That you can live together and not understand what the other is saying, and yet still communicate and learn to love each other.”  Comments like this from a local family sum up the joy which can result from participating in the Wisconsin 4-H International Exchange Program.

You, too, can join in the Wisconsin 4-H International Program as a host family this summer. The program’s primary purpose is to promote global awareness through friendship and cultural exchange.

Wisconsin families host more than 60 youth from various countries between the ages of 12 and 16, as well as several adult chaperones, for periods of 2-4 weeks. Families open their hearts and homes by sharing their everyday lives and American culture. Many types of families – dual-career, urban, rural, etc. – are needed. Some programs require that the family has a youth of the same age and gender as the international visitor. Families need not be 4-H members to participate, although through hosting they will automatically become part of the organization.

For more details about the program, please review  this program summary or visit http://wi4hinternational.org/.

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