IMPORTANT: 4-H Enrollment Updates for 2017

There have been some changes in the reenrollment process so please read carefully. 

This year we will be running all remaining reenrolling volunteers who have not done a national criminal background check.  We are doing this to be incompliance with University policies.  We appreciate your support over the past two years in which we have already completed 5,000 national background checks.  We will continue national background checks on a four year rotation for all volunteers.

Here are some things that will be helpful as adult volunteers and youth are enrolling for 2017-2018.

  1. Background Checks: All background checks for new and returning adult volunteers will be conducted at enrollment time.
    • All volunteers need to enter on the screening page an email address they check regularly. This should be a different email address for each volunteer. This email address will be used for your background check.  Please remind volunteers about this important step. Here is a sample of the screen that you will see prompting you to enter your e-mail for a background check: 4HOnline Volunteer Screening

Reenrolling Volunteers:  All reenrolling volunteers who have not completed a national Criminal Background Check will need to do this before their reenrollment can be approved.

  • Volunteers will enroll in 4-HOnline in the areas they will be volunteering.
  • Volunteers will receive two emails, one from UW-Extension Employee Angela Schultz with information about the background check and one from General Information Services (GIS) the vendor who conducts the background checks. Here is a sample of the e-mail that you will receive from Angela: Sample email from Angela
  • Here is what the GIS Background Check process will look like once you receive the e-mail from GIS: Current Volunteer Check-Screen by Screen process

New Volunteers:

  • In addition to the Background Check, all new volunteers will need to complete the Volunteer in Preparation Training (VIP) and Mandated Reporter Training. Dane County is offering the VIP Training on September 28 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm and on October 24 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Both trainings will take place at 5201 Fen Oak Dr., Madison.
  1. Volunteer Hours for Adult Leaders:
    • Please encourage all volunteers to record the number of volunteer hours they provided last year as a volunteer leader. This helps us tell a story about the impact volunteers make here in our county and statewide.
  2. Youth Volunteer Hours – Community Service
    • Community Service is fundamental to the 4-H experience. We are asking youth to share the number of hours they volunteered helping with 4-H community service projects last years.  Please encourage reenrolling 4-H members to record how many hours they volunteered.  We want to communicate with others how youth are contributing in their communities.

Thank you again for your support of Dane County 4-H.   Your participation is valued and appreciated. Please contact the Dane County UW-Extension Office at 608-224-3705 if you have any questions about enrollment this fall.

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