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Dairy Farm Stress Webinar Series: Recognizing and Managing Stress

Many dairy farmers have experienced the up’s and down’s of milk prices over the years.  Most have known the joys and profits, sorrows and losses over time. The low points that we have experienced sometimes drag out too long and are often beyond a producer’s control.  Not only low milk prices can be a factor, […]

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Corn Silage Harvest

With the upcoming corn silage harvest, UW-Extension Dairy Scientist Matt Akins reviews the important factors to consider for high quality corn silage in this recent Midwest Forage Association Focus on Forage article Corn Silage Harvest Management: Dry matter content Particle size Kernel processing Chop height For more information regarding corn silage harvest, please visit UW-Extension […]

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2018 Iowa-Wisconsin Corn Silage Conference Proceedings

Recently Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and UW-Extension co-hosted the Iowa-Wisconsin Silage Conference earlier this summer in Dubuque. The conference featured presentations from both academic and industry experts spoke on a wide variety of topics related to growing and using quality silage. Group sessions covered quality corn silage before, during and after harvest; characteristics […]

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2018 August Dairy Situation & Outlook

Professor Bob Cropp’s 2018 August Dairy Situation & Outlook  full report is now available for download at UW Understanding Dairy Markets.  The following is an excerpt from the report… …..Milk prices for the remainder of the year are rather uncertain. Class III prices could improve to the high $15’s and even touch $16. The Class IV price is likely […]

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July/August Dairy Partner/El Compañero Newsletter

The 2018 July/August Dairy Partner/El Compañero Newsletter is now available online.  This month’s newsletter focuses on safety & confined spaces, and sun exposure.    The Dairy Partner/El Compañero is a UW-Extension newsletter designed for dairy farm employees.  Written in both English and Spanish, the newsletter provides basic information about dairy cows, farm safety, and personal health to individuals who work […]