Corn price App for farmers - corn cob with a dollar sign on it, with yellow orange background

Pricing Wet Corn

It’s that time of the year when farmers monitor the weather waiting anxiously for moisture in corn kernels to drop before their final harvest begins. Greg Blonde, UW-Extension Waupaca County Agriculture Agent, says “a bushel of dry shell corn weighs 56 pounds at 15% percent kernel moisture. That’s over eight pounds of water in each bushel of ‘dry’ […]

App for pricing corn silage - corn stalk with dollar signs around it with a yellow border

Extension Mobile App for Pricing Standing Corn Silage

The start of corn silage harvest for 2017 is here. Most corn silage is harvested from late August through early November, when energy, fiber and moisture are at their best, depending on planting date, hybrid variety and growing conditions.   A third to three-quarters of the feed consumed by more than 1.2 million dairy cows in […]

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Corn Silage: Predicting Moisture Level & Harvest

With corn silage, you only get one shot to harvest so it’s important to time it out right. There are several methods you can use to accurately predict the optimal time to harvest silage. In the podcast Corn Silage:  Predicating Harvest & Moisture Level, UW-Extension dairy nutritionist Randy Shaver, corn agronomist Joe Lauer and county […]

hay pricing app - dollar sign over a bale of hay with green background

What’s Standing Hay Worth?

One of the challenges in coming up with a value for standing hay is the lack of established market price information like corn and soybeans. Another challenge is multiple cuttings of hay versus a single harvest for grains. So it’s no wonder the price for standing hay can vary greatly between farms, even between fields. […]


Hoof Health & Nutrition

Nutrition affects more than just the cow’s digestive system. The effects of an imbalanced diet can be seen throughout the animals’ body. Of particular interest are concentrates, such as grain-based feed ingredients, that typically contain high amounts of sugar and starch. In the factsheet Hoof Health & Nutrition, UW-Extension Brown County Agriculture Liz Binversie discusses […]