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November 2017 Dairy Situation & Outlook

Professor Bob Cropp’s 2017 November Dairy Situation & Outlook  full report is now available for download at UW Understanding Dairy Markets.  An exert follows below: Domestic sales of butter and cheese should continue to be favorable in 2018. But, a crucial factor in where milk prices end up will be dairy exports. For most of this year milk production […]

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Skid Steer Loader Safety

Wisconsin dairy farms have gone through constant change when it comes to handling materials on the farm.  Forty to fifty years ago it was the traditional method of the shovel and pitchfork, the arm-strong method, when it came to moving feed and cleaning out barns.  Today, farm operators have moved to the tractor and loader. […]

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Introduction to Agricultural Chemical Safety

We use agricultural chemicals for many different purposes around the farm and in the field.  These chemicals may include pesticides, insecticide, rodenticides, cleaning solvents, and even medications.  Every chemical has the potential to be harmful to humans, but each varies significantly in the risk they present to us.  Proper handling procedures can reduce the risk […]

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Heifer Blueprint: Assessing Failure of Passive Transfer in Calves

Colostrum management practices are considered successful when: 90% of the tested calves have a serum total protein concentration ≥ 5.2 g/dl 80% of tested calves have a serum total protein concentration ≥ 5.5 g/dl In the UW-Extension Heifer Blueprint Assessing Failure of Passive Transfer, Oconto County Agriculture Agent Sarah Mills-Lloyd and Fond du Lac County […]

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Dermal Exposure to Chemicals

Exposure to your skin, or dermal exposure, is the most common way for chemicals to enter your body.  In the video “Dermal Exposure to Chemicals” (English & Spanish), UW-Extension Brown County Agriculture Educator Liz Binversie discusses how individuals can be exposed to chemicals, how the different areas of the body absorb chemicals at different rates, […]