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hay pricing app - dollar sign over a bale of hay with green background

An App Makes it A Snap

To help farmers and landowners better evaluate their options when it comes to pricing standing hay,  UW-Extension Waupaca County Agriculture Agent Greg Blonde developed a mobile app for pricing standing hay. It offers quick access to baled hay reference values with projected sale/purchase price for each cutting using your own yield and harvest cost information. […]

alfalfa plant with purple flower

Forage Quality Changes During Spring Growth

Determining when to cut first-crop alfalfa is often difficult because alfalfa quality, relative to flowering stage, varies greatly.  To help with this dilemma, agronomists at the University of Wisconsin – Madison developed the Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) method which predicts alfalfa’s Relative Feed Value (RFV) at the time of cutting.  The PEAQ Stick Method measures […]

picture of an alfalfa field

Alternative Forage Options for Dairy Heifers

High quality corn silage and alfalfa are often used for feeding dairy heifers. These can work well for young heifers up to ~8-12 months of age depending on forage quality. However, pregnant dairy heifers have lower energy needs than younger dairy heifers and feeding the correct diet  energy is important to control weight gain. In […]

field of alfalfa

Pricing 2018 Standing Alfalfa

One of the challenges when pricing standing hay is the lack of an established market like corn or soybeans. Another challenge is multiple cuttings of hay versus a single harvest for a grain crop. No wonder the price for standing hay can vary greatly between farms, even between fields. Here’s one approach for pricing standing […]

image of a Holstein calf's head

Pick a Straw: Conventional, sexed, or beef semen?

Should dairy producers use conventional semen, sexed semen, or beef semen when breeding their heifers and cows?  The simple answer is:  “It depends.” UW-Extension & UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science Dairy Management Specialist Victor Cabrera shares in the Progressive Dairyman article, Pick a straw:  Conventional, sexed, or beef semen? the factors to contemplate what type […]