Could agricultural robots replace glyphosate?

From Duetche Welle, April 6, 2018. Glyphosate is a herbicide that’s used to kill undesired plants. Pulling up plants, or “weeding,” does the same thing without chemicals, but it’s very labor-intensive. What if tireless robots could weed fields cheaply? Professor Simon Blackmore, head of robotic agriculture at the UK’s National Centre for Precision Farming at […]

USDA organic logo

Americans Fill Carts With More Organics: 5 Top Gainers

From NASDAQ, May 23, 2018. The Organic Trade Association’s annual survey of the U.S. organic sector showed that an increasing number Americans filled their carts with organic products last year. In fact, the organic food products market made a new record as Americans continue to buy everything from organic ice cream to organic dried beans […]

bees on rapseed


From ENSIA,  June 6, 2018. Beneath some solar arrays, pollinator-friendly plants, fruits, vegetables and forage are cropping up in place of turfgrass or gravel At a recent solar energy conference in Minneapolis, attendees unwound at happy hour tasting free pints of a local honey-based India Pale Ale called “Solarama Crush.” Minnesota-based 56 Brewing makes the […]

female farmer with hay and baler

Women farmers creating new approaches to agriculture

From Wisconsin State Farmer, May 30, 2018. SPRING VALLEY – While the number of farms in the U.S. has been on the decline for many years, the number owned and operated by women is on the rise, according to the USDA Census of Agriculture. The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) supports these women […]

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Organic crops lucrative, challenging for U.S. farmers

From Investigate Midwest, May 30, 2018. The United States is importing more organic corn and soybeans than it’s producing, according to recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. Despite a steady increase in demand for organic products among consumers, U.S. crop growers have been reluctant to make the switch from conventional […]

dozen eggs

Organic Egg Ratings at Your Fingertips

From the New York Times, May 29, 2018. It’s worth studying the many shades of organic, especially regarding eggs. The organic label can be slapped onto cartons of eggs laid by hens crowded in semiconfinement on megafarms, as well as on those from hens that scratch outdoors for dinner. Read the article.

bratwurst on a grill

A ‘cleaner, brighter’ Wisconsin brat is yours if you buy organic

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  May 22, 2018. Bust out the brats. Memorial Day is almost here. It’s time for hot summer nights, cold bottles of beer and a platter of juicy, flavorful brats. Nestled in a warm bun after a nice beer bath, there’s nothing better. But how about if that brat were something […]


The rise of organic in dairy

From the Dairy Report, May 3, 2018. DairyReporter had the opportunity to speak with a variety of companies at the annual Biofach organic trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, which is the world’s biggest organic event. Read the article. Video includes approximately two minutes with the Organic Valley VP of sales.


Fewer Agriculture Agents Stresses Some Wisconsin Counties

From Wisconsin Public Radio, April 24, 2018. Cooperative Extension Officials Point To State Budget Cuts For Fewer Agents Wisconsin farmers and counties are making do with fewer agriculture agents statewide. The head of the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Cooperative Extension division said cuts to state funding are limiting their ability to meet local needs. However, some […]

Organic Valley Co-op truck at the energy fair

Organic Valley Posts First Annual Loss in Co-op History

From Wisconsin Ag Connection, April 11, 2018. It appears that the struggling dairy industry is also having a negative impact on the organic sector. The Wisconsin-based Organic Valley Cooperative announced it has posted its first-ever financial loss for fiscal year 2017. Company officials say a surplus of dairy products and falling milk prices are to […]


Report calls out worst produce for pesticides—strawberries, spinach top list

From Environmental Health News, April 10, 2018. Pesticides residues are found on about 70% of tested produce; new research suggests this exposure could impact fertility Just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder to eat healthy. Turns out those nutrient packed foods we’re all told to eat—such as strawberries and spinach— are also consistently […]


Wisconsin Growers, Producers Weigh Impact Of Chinese Tariffs

From Wisconsin Public Radio, April 2, 2018. China Raises Tariffs By Up To 25 Percent On More Than 100 Products China has hiked tariffs on 128 products from scrap metal to sparkling wine, and Wisconsin growers and producers are concerned about what the tariffs may mean for their industries. China slapped a 25 percent tariff […]