paint cans and brushes

Lowe’s Drops Paint Strippers Blamed in Dozens of Deaths

From New York Times, May 29, 2018. WASHINGTON — Lowe’s, the large home improvement retailer, announced Tuesday that it will no longer sell paint strippers that contain the chemicals methylene chloride and NMP, which have been blamed in dozens of accidental deaths. The Obama administration, in its final days, concluded that the two chemicals represented […]


E-waste linked to decreased fertility hormones in Nigerian men

From Environmental Health News, May 2, 2018. Hormones vital for reproduction are “significantly lower” in men who work with toxic-filled electronic waste Nigerian men who work with electronic waste have much lower levels of crucial fertility hormones than men unexposed to the waste, according to a new study. The research, conducted in Benin City in […]


Ms. Kardashian Goes to Washington

From The New York Times, April 24, 2018. Kanye West has talked a big game about running for president, but it’s his sister-in-law Kourtney Kardashian who is participating in the American legislative process. On Tuesday, she will participate in a briefing on regulatory reform of the cosmetics industry, along with Representative Frank Pallone of New […]

Coral reef with anenomie

Sunscreen poses another threat to coral reefs

From Deutche Welle, April 13, 2018. Some chemicals in sunscreen can kill corals, researchers have discovered. So how to protect your skin and reefs at the same time? DW reports from Bonaire in the Caribbean. At a dive center on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean Sea, about a dozen scuba divers — including […]

Feet on scale

Why are we so fat despite our best efforts?

From Environmental Health News, March 21, 2018. If you only focus on diet and exercise you’re missing a huge influence—chemicals in our environment that promote weight gain. When you think about the causes of overweight and obesity, conditions that now affect the majority of Americans, two factors likely come to mind immediately: dreadful dietary habits […]


Another potential PFAS problem: Weight gain

From Environmental Health News, February 14, 2018. Study links fluorinated chemicals to more weight gain and slower metabolism after people dieted Unregulated chemicals increasingly found contaminating U.S. water may hamper people’s ability to lose weight, according to a study released today. The study is the first to link the group of chemicals, PFASs [perfluoroalkyl substances], […]


2018 could be a big year for state-level toxics legislation: Analysis

From Environmental Health News, February 14, 2018. As federal environmental action lags, states are “filling in the gaps,” according to a new analysis. More than one hundred state policies tackling toxics will be considered in 2018. On the heels of a Trump Administration budget that proposes further cuts to environmental protection, a new analysis finds […]


Polluted Stormwater Damages Fish’s Ability to Survive

From OPB, February 13, 2018. Each time it rained during an eight-week period in the winter of 2015, someone from Jenifer McIntyre’s team drove up to Seattle and collected stormwater near the Highway 520 bridge across Lake Washington. It was a rainy stretch, so that meant 25 trips. After each trip, McIntyre says, “we would […]


Far More U.S. Children Than Previously Thought May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders

From the New York Times, February 6, 2018. More American children than previously thought may be suffering from neurological damage because their mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy, according to a new study. The study, published Tuesday in the journal JAMA, estimates that fetal alcohol syndrome and other alcohol-related disorders among American children are at least […]


Last holdout in Minneapolis using toxic dry cleaning chemicals goes green

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 24, 2018. A potentially carcinogenic drycleaning chemical has been eliminated from the city of Minneapolis. Minneapolis is now the first major city in America to banish a toxic dry cleaning chemical, meaning that taking your suits to the cleaners no longer means dousing them with a potential carcinogen. The […]

power plant smoke stack

Study: End of coal burning at Pa. plant better for pregnant women

From the New Jersey Herald, January 11, 2018. When the Portland (Pa.) Generating Plant burned coal to produce electricity, pregnant women who lived downwind in four New Jersey counties had a statistically higher chance of having a low birth weight or pre-term birth. Now that the plant no longer burns coal to create electricity, birth […]