Liberation Farm Brings Meat, Eggs and Coffee to Stevens Point

From The Pointer, November 15, 2017.

Liberation Farm in Almond, offers diverse food options.
Holly Petrillo, assistant professor of forestry, began the farm with her husband John Sheffy in 2011. Petrillo said that they first got into farming because they wanted to be able to grow their own food and provide their young daughter the opportunity to grow up on a farm.
One of Petrillo and Sheffy’s main focuses has been restoring their farm and bringing fertility back into the soil.
“Both my husband and I are ecologists and really feel strongly about taking care of the land, so it was our sort of restoration project,” Petrillo said.
Petrillo also said that, initially, one of the main reasons they brought animals to the farm was to add organic matter to the soil.
Currently, they raise heritage pigs, chickens for meat and eggs, goats and rabbits.
“Our main thing is to restore the land but to produce really healthy ethically raised animals too,” Petrillo said.

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