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Scientists jam with musicians, artists to stir public passion for nature

From the Thomson Reuters Foundation News, September 5, 2017.

STOCKHOLM, Sept 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Norwegian artist Tone Bjordam was moved to tears when she heard an eminent Swedish scientist explain the relationships between nature, society and the economy at a 2013 workshop in Uruguay.

Displaying a diagram of three concentric circles, with the economy in the middle and nature on the outside, Carl Folke, science director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, argued that if the economy collapses, society and nature will likely survive, and if society implodes, then nature can stay intact.

But if nature – the planet’s ecosystems, wildlife and climate – descend into chaos, then so will the society and economy it supports.

“He said, ‘I have never seen anyone react so emotionally to something as dry and boring as this!’,” recalled Bjordam at a recent conference in Stockholm where scientists discussed ways to keep the planet and its inhabitants healthy and in balance.

In a hall next door hung the inspiration from her Latin America experience – an installation suspended from the ceiling.

A large circle covered in vegetation shelters a smaller disc mounted with a river and fields above and a maze of city lights below, while beneath the two glitters a small globe fashioned of money with coins dripping from the bottom.

“If you cut the wires that hold nature up, everything falls apart,” said Bjordam.

The artist spends a good part of her time outdoors observing and photographing landscapes of mountains, lakes and forests, and the rest in her studio, making paintings, graphic art and sculptures informed by the natural sciences.

Bjordam believes her art work can help bring the beauty and fragility of our environment – and by extension, the need to protect it – to the public.

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