Equipment Vendors

The University of Wisconsin provides this list of equipment vendors as a service to growers and is not a complete list of all possible vendors in the Midwest United States. The inclusion or omission of a company is not an endorsement or condemnation of a company or it’s products. We have not used, tested or had a business relationship with most of the companies so we can not vouch for the quality and reliability of any of the products. Please do your own research before buying any equipment to make use it fits your needs and expectations.  If you have a product that is distributed locally in the Midwest that is used for the storage of produce, please forward it to for consideration.

List coming soon.

Walk-in or Drive-in Coolers

American Panel Corporation, Ocala, FL –

American Wholesale Refrigeration, Cleveland, OH – New and Used cooler boxes and refrigeration systems –

Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc., Bally, PA –

Barr Refrigeration, Oshkosh, WI – New and Used cooler boxes and refrigeration systems –

Kingspan Insulated Panels, Deland, FL –

Kolpak, Parsons, TN –

Kysor Panel Systems, Fort Worth, TX –

Leer, Inc., New Lisbon, WI 53950 –

Master-Bilt Products / Strandex, New Albany, Mississippi –

onFarm Storage, Inc – Portable cold storage units –

PermaTherm Insulated Metal Building Systems, Monticello, GA –

Polar Bear Panel, Miami, Florida –

Polar King International, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN –

Thermo-Kool, Laurel, MS –

U.S. Cooler, Quincy, IL –

Refrigeration Systems & Controls

Coolbot – Overriding controller to make a window air-conditioning unit work at a lower temperature –

Freeaire Refrigeration – Ambient air cooler controller –

King Zeero Ice Builders / Girton – Thermal storage system for rapid cooling –

Walk in Cooler Central Market – Vendor of Heatcraft self-contained commercial grade refrigeration unit for small coolers – Plug and use, not technician needed –; Walk-in Cooler replacement doors (could also use for a built-in-place cooler –

Retrozone, Inc – dampers for use with ambient air cooling systems –

Humidification Equipment

Nelson Vegetable Storage Systems, Inc – centrifugal humidifiers – Evaporative pad coolers –

Global Cooling Inc – Ultrasonic Humidifiers –

Micro Cool – High Pressure fogging equipment –

American Coolair – Evaporative pad cooling systems –

Hydrofogger – small centrifugal humidifiers –

JMC Ventilation Refrigeration LLC – centrifugal humidifiers – Evaporative pad coolers –

TrueFog – High pressure fogging equipment –

Smart Fog – High pressure fogging equipment –

Mee Industries Inc. – High pressure fogging equipment –

Industrial Ventilation, Inc – centrifugal humidifiers – Evaporative pad coolers –

Farm Tek – Herrmidifier Humidifer – small centrifugal humidifier –

Trion Humidifers – range of small evaporative and centrifugal humidifiers –

Mainland Mart Corp – ultrasonic humidifiers –

Gellert Company – centrifugal humidifiers – Evaporative pad coolers –

P2F / Humidification Control Systems – Room humidifiers, high pressure systems –

Humidity control and sensing

Hydrofogger – AWS 600 –

Automation Direct – Stego Hygrotherm – Range 50 to 90% – suitable for a squash or onion room –

Sentinel GPS – Temperature, humidity and CO2 – design for greenhouse but would work for cold storage. –

Auber Instruments – several humidity controllers –

Titan controls – temperature / Humidity controllers – design for greenhouse but would work for cold storage. –

Dwyer / Love – Humidity switch with LED readout – uses remote sensor (find under product/Air Quality) –

Sixth Sense – Humidity probes –

Pre-Cooling Equipment

Agrimaint, Inc – Hydro-cooling, Vacuum Coolers

Global Cooling Inc – Portable and in-cooler forced air pre-cooling units –

onFarm Storage, Inc – Hydro-cooling –

TRJ Refrigeration, Inc.- Hydro-cooling, Forced air coolers, Vacuum Coolers –

V.B. Hook Vacuum Cooling Company –

$ Star Ag Refrigeration, Inc. – Hydro-cooling, Forced air coolers, Vacuum Coolers  –

Southern Vacuum Cooling, Inc. – Vacuum Cooling –

Turnkey Systems

Industrial Ventilation, Inc – Specializing in bulk crop storage facilities for potatoes and onions –

JMC Ventilation Refrigeration LLC – Complete ventilation and refrigeration systems, ambient air systems, humidifiers – specializing in potato and onion storage –

Nelson Vegetable Storage Systems, Inc – Refrigeration, humidification, ventilation system for bulk stored crops –

Gellert Company – Design and Build consulting and equipment for bulk storage of potatoes, onions, carrots sugar beets and squash –