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garden plots at the beginning of the gardening season

Garden Plots Available to Rent

Garden plots are available to rent for the 2018 gardening season at the Waukesha County Community Gardens.  To rent a garden, you must be a Waukesha County resident. For more information on the gardens, contact Lisa  at 262/548-7775 or lboyer@waukeshacounty.gov .


Garden Closes October 23rd at 9 AM

Reminder … all produce must be harvested and garden plots cleaned by 9 AM on Monday, October 23rd.  Clean up includes the removal of everything you brought into the garden such as fencing, stakes, string, tomato cages, plastic, etc.  Smaller plant material can be pulled and left in the garden to decompose but larger, thick-stem […]


Garden Harvest Celebration Planned at the Gardens

Mark your calendar for our annual Garden Harvest Celebration which will be held Saturday, August 19th from 9 to 10:30 AM at the gardens. There is no cost to participate but it is organized as a breakfast pot luck. Bring a dish to pass. Come and meet the other gardeners. Can’t make it for the […]


Lost and Found

A necklace was found in the path near Plot C-6 and the water tank. To claim it, contact Lisa Boyer at 262/548-7775 or e-mail her at lboyer@waukeshacounty.gov


Water Tanks and Water Connectors

Water in the six tanks at the community gardens is used to water the gardens. Do not wash your hands in the tank.  Do not let children play in the water tanks.  To wash hands, tools, or veggies, draw water out with a bucket and wash outside of the tank. In addition, please realize that […]


Gardens now OPEN

The Waukesha County Community Gardens are now OPEN and water is connected and available. We were lucky to find a window in between the rainy days to get the gardens plowed, stake all gardens, and connect the water. All garden plots have a stake in each of the four corners of the garden with a […]


Garden Plots Sizes Are Approximate

Garden Plot sizes are approximately 20’ x 20’ and 30’ x 30’. Plots may be wider and shorter (i.e. 22’ X 18’) or thinner and longer (i.e.19’ X 21’). Plots are marked off by the Garden Coordinator and are not to be changed by gardeners. If you have questions about your Garden Plot borders, contact […]

community gardens

Community Gardens Open May 20th

The Waukesha County Community Gardens are scheduled to open on Saturday, May 20th. The plowing date is dependent on weather and “our turn” for plowing. Gardeners will be notified if it opens earlier or later. Do not begin gardening until you see a stake identifying your plot number in front of your plot and there […]