Kids Count Data Center

The Kids Count DATA CENTER is the place to start if you are looking data on child well-being.  Developed by the Ann E. Casey Foundation, this site provides easy access to data on the demographics, economic well-being, family structure, health and safety of children.  Data can be obtained  at the state, county, community, school district and congressional district levels.

The site allows users to select from a menu of popular data profiles or generate custom profiles.  The data can be ranked or mapped. Very specific and current data is readily provided. For example:

  • 46 percent of renters in Adams County, Wisconsin were unable to afford Fair Market Rent (FMR) in 2011. FMR is defined as a maximum of 30 percent of family’s income).
  • A minimum wage of $12 per hour is required to afford Fair Market Rent in Adams County.
  • 29 percent of the children in Adams County lived in families below the federal poverty guidelines. That compares to 21 percent in 2005.

The DATA CENTER also provides a good HOW-TO to help users navigate the site.


  1. This is a very good source, but don’t get too excited about getting data on the percentage of kids in poverty in the Argyle School District or other detailed data for small geographies. Like many other data sources, this one is limited for geographies with very small populations.

    Regardless, its a very good site that provokes some serious thought and discussion.

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