ZIP Code Business Patterns

ZIP Code Business Patterns provides  the same detailed annual information at the ZIP Code level as County Business Patterns on the number of business establishments, number of employees, and quarterly and annual payroll.  The data is available at the six digit NAICS Code (depending on the size of the population).

It is important to note that ZIP Code Business Patterns does not include data on self-employed individuals, employees of private households, railroad employees, agricultural production employees, and most government employees. For information about self employed individuals try the U.S. Census Nonemployer Statistics, an annual series of information about businesses without paid employees that are subject to federal income tax.  Most nonemployers are self-employed individuals operating very small unincorporated businesses, which may or may not be the owner’s principal source of income. These firms are excluded from most other business statistics (the primary exception being the Survey of Business Owners).

For more information on the coverage and methodology, refer to  How the Data are Collected. For information on businesses without paid employees, see Nonemployer Statistics.

The same data at the MSA and micrometropolitan areas is also available at the same website.

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  1. This is a useful data source to inventory the number of businesses located in a zip code(s) trade area. Data is available at a detailed NAICS level. While data is current, it does not include businesses without employees.

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