DataPlace (Beta) A  powerful “one-stop” source for data about your community or any place in the U.S.  Although DataPlace was developed specifically for housing and community development professionals, it includes a variety of good information that you might not expect (i.e. Arts and health sector employment and federal expenditures.  One of the real advantages of DataPlace is the fact that they include the source of the data and how they derived their estimates. Simply click on the “i” next to the data.

DataPlace appears to be in the process of updating much of the data.  Therefore, some of the data (especially for smaller populations) is a bit data.  However, DataPlace is certainly worth a look.

Click here for a sample profile.

If you have used DataPlace,  please let us know about your experience. We’d like to hear how you’ve used the data and how well it worked.  What have you found that works well or doesn’t work so well? Let us know what you like best and what you like least about the DataPlace site.  Is there another site you found that you’d recommend?  If so, please share it with us. Or, ask a question. We just might be able to help you find an answer.