Headwaters EPS – HDT Socio-Economic Profiles

If you liked Headwater’s original Economic Profile System (EPS), but want more data and more flexibility then, try Economic Profile System-Human Dimensions Toolkit (ESP-HDT) PROFILESThere are fourteen different data profiles ranging from general socioeconomic data to timber resources to federal spending. You can compare the selected state or county to other states and counties.  You can easily aggregate groups of counties or states into a region.  The system also enables you to compare metro to non-metro areas.  Each report includes sections defining the terms, identifying the sources of the data, explaining the methodology used to derive the tables, and a list of other resources.

Okay, you will need to download the Excel file, but it is easy and simply, and it automatically adds a new selection to the Add-Ins menu in Excel. You can also modify the Excel files and you can download reports into a word document.