Trisha Wagner

Collaborating with specialists and other educators, Trisha assessed the human resource management needs of agricultural producers and created and educational program, “Becoming the Employer of Choice” to address the deficiencies identified in the survey.  This program benefitted from her leadership and teaching in development and support using a module training approach. Based on evaluation results, the program is valued by those attending and increased their knowledge of human resources practices that lead to more productive farm work environments.

The UW Farm and Industry Short Couse has also benefited from your knowledge and skills through its offering of “Spanish for the Agricultural Sciences” class. Trisha has taught the class for several years in cooperation with UW-Madison and had been well received by students. Those who have attended stated that the course has helped them to improve both their understanding of Spanish and Hispanic culture.   Trisha is also responsible for the creation of the UW-Extension Dairy Partner/El Compañero Newsletter, a bimonthly newsletter geared towards dairy farm employees.  The newsletter articles are written by UW-Extension agriculture agents and state specialists and are available in both English and Spanish.  The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information directly to farm employees to help them improve their dairy cattle knowledge, maintain farm safety, and improve their way of life.

In addition to educational programming, Trisha has contributed to the County and the University through various service roles.  Within the County, she plays a critical role in advising many groups in Jackson County including the Agriculture Society, the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, the Junior Livestock Education Committee, Community Garden and Farmers Market. The University has also benefitted from her contributions at Faculty Senate, the Farm and Risk Management Team, and the Dairy Workers Training Workgroup.

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