Vance Haugen

Vance Haugen continues to organize and conduct a series of pasture walks in the greater Crawford County area that are well attended and continue to attract new people.  Over the past five years he has held 61 pasture walks that have had a total attendance of 1606 people. He has included a wide variety of farmers and agency people as presenters at the pasture walks.  He was part of a group with the Green Lands Blue Waters initiative that developed a fact sheet series on contract grazing and pasture rental.  In addition to attending the European Federation of Animal Science Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, Vance also had the opportunity to present two grazing topics at the conference.  Vance has also adopted some of his on-line materials to concise documents for the Amish farmers that attend some of the pasture walks.

Vance also programs in Dairy Modernization working with Dr. David Kammel, Extension Ag Engineer at UW-Madison, providing farms information and assistance with options for their situation across the state.  Over the past 5 years he has helped 68 farms with evaluating dairy modernization options for their farms.  In addition he has presented information on dairy modernization at the MOSES conference, the Practical Farmers of Iowa Conference, and the School for Beginning Graziers.

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