Tim Jergenson

Tim Jergenson - PhotoTim Jergenson has served as the Barron County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent since 2003. Prior to that, Tim served as the Polk County Agriculture Agent and has Extension youth development experience in Clark County and South Carolina.

As the Agricultural Agent for Barron County, Tim has focused his programming in Farm Financial Management, Small Ruminants, Horticulture education and Leadership Development. Much of Tim’s farm financial management work has been done in the areas of farm financial analysis, land rent price monitoring and lease education and farm financial decision-making.

Tim was a member of the team of UW-Extension agricultural educators who collaborated with the Farm Service Agency to introduce farmers to provisions of the new 2014 federal farm bill. Tim reached over 400 farm operators through 11 workshops in a five-county area of northwestern Wisconsin in tandem with Farm Service Agency staff. Farmers learned of the details of the 2014 Farm Bill and how they could enroll in the programs. During these workshops Tim explained to farmers how to make informed decisions when enrolling in the new farm programs. Tim along with other members of the work group was awarded the 2016 Team Workgroup Leadership & Responsiveness Award from the Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Area of Cooperative Extension, UW-Extension.

During 2015, Avian Influenza spread rapidly through turkey production farms in Barron County resulting in the loss of over 650,000 turkeys. The loss of birds and subsequent quarantine of dozens of area farmers led to widespread concern among small poultry flock owners and the general public regarding their safety and the safety of their birds. Tim, in cooperation the Barron County Public Health officials, launched a countywide public information campaign to explain the symptoms of Avian Influenza, how the disease spreads, and how farmers and the public can protect themselves. Subsequently, Tim and the Director of Public Health in Barron County were recognized with a “Be Your Best” teamwork award from REALiving.

Tim is currently working in collaboration with farmer growers, and food processing companies in northwestern Wisconsin and a UW-Extension Horticulture specialist to help evaluate pest control protocols for cudweed control in snap beans. This weed has spread rapidly among snap bean fields in Barron County and has resulted in thousands of tons of snap beans being ruined because the processing plants rejected the crop due to cudweed contamination. Tim is also working with dairy farm graziers and UW-Extension agronomy specialists on a project to evaluate feeding barley sprouts to lactating dairy cows during months when the cattle cannot graze.

Tim currently serves as department head in the Barron County UW-Extension Office and was Executive Secretary of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Barron County 2013. To learn more about the UW-Extension scholarly work of Tim Jergenson, please click here.

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