Peg Reedy

Peg ReedySince 2001, Peg Reedy has served as the UW-Extension Ag Agent for Walworth County. Peg’s primary programming efforts are in agronomy, pasture management, farm management, and farm succession.  Peg also served as the Farm Technology Days Executive Secretary for the past two and a half years.

Nutrient management in hay and dealing with horse manure, especially boarding stables are two issues that were identified as a need in the area. Peg presented workshops on hay analysis relative to quality and matching it to horse nutritional needs.  Peg is one of a group of Extension educators in Wisconsin and Illinois providing educational programing in equine issues. This bi-state group received a Great Lakes Regional Water Grant to work with four stables to help them develop composting protocols and facilities to help handle and manage manure.  One of the stables now markets the compost to gardeners, and another incorporates the compost in their pasture nutrient management plan and program.  In Walworth County, they had an opportunity to work with a brand new equine facility to develop the entire facility incorporating environmentally friendly technology throughout the entire complex including the composting aspect.  The stable used the compost as part of their pasture nutrient management and the facility has been used as a pilot to show others how to incorporate green technology into their facilities.

Toxic plants in pastures are a big concern of livestock owners. To address this concern, Peg developed presentations on identification and management of toxic plants.  She presented these at the Bi-State Equine conference, the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, the Kettle Moraine Trail Riders annual meeting and the Wisconsin Grazing Conference.  These presentations led to follow-up visits with landowners to help them develop plans to manage troublesome weeds in their pastures.  Peg and colleagues, Mark Renz, Anders Gurda and Rhonda Gildersleeve have authored a field guide to poisonous plants found in Midwest pastures and forages.

Peg worked with smaller scale landowners to increase their knowledge of basic pasture management by developing materials on basic forage management including forage quality, species identification, managing laminitis (grass foundering) and matching forage quality to horse nutritional requirements. She presented these educational materials at pasture walks and workshops.

Additionally, Peg developed a Focus on Forage fact sheet to answer the question posed by small landowners as to whether they should hire someone to make their hay, or purchase equipment and do it themselves. She also worked with Ken Barnett to develop spreadsheets for landowners to be able to make informed decisions on the most economical approach for their situation.

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