Jim Leverich

Jim Leverich served as the Monroe County Dairy and Livestock Educator from 1985 to 2002.   He worked for the UW-Extension Discovery Farms program for a year and a half before taking his current position as UW-Extension On-Farm Research coordinator.

Environmental performance of Wisconsin agriculture has become an important public policy issue.  Agricultural farming practices can have a substantial impact on surface water, ground water, and air quality. Jim has been able to build collaborations with researchers from many different disciplines as well as with many agencies and producers in in each of their research areas.

Jim has developed partnerships that have allowed him to share his many years of extension farm management experience with people who are concerned about water quality but have limited experience and knowledge about how Best Management Practices may affect farmer’s decisions and profitability.  Jim helped obtain a $7 million USDA Biomass Research and Development Initiative grant.  This multi-disciplinary grant is designed to research the economic and environmental aspects or manure separation and energy production systems on a large dairy farm in Manitowoc County.

Jim has done a lot of work using precision agriculture and emerging technologies to improve economic and environmental performance.  Jim and his colleagues are also evaluating variable rate manure application on fields which have highly variable soil tests.  This technology will allow producers to be more efficient in applying manure, minimizing over/under application, and as a result improving nutrient use efficiency and reducing ground and surface water pollution.  Results from these studies have been summarized, published and shared with the Midwest Manure Expo, the Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin, the Nebraska Manure Summit and the North America Manure Expo.

Additionally Jim has written nearly 50 articles from January 2010 – February 2015.  Publications include the No-Till Farmer magazines, Focus on Forage and Extension bulletin articles.

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