Nav Ghimire

Nav GhimireNav Ghimire has been the Green Lake County Agriculture Agent since 2010.   Nav’s major programming efforts are in Soil and Nutrient Management and Fresh Market Vegetable Production and Management.

Nav has taken the lead in his region with nutrient management, by providing farmer training with the end goal of having farmers develop nutrient management plans that provide for sustainable management of their farmland.  With his help, 26 farmers have developed individual plans through on-on-one consultation and another 42 farmers have developed their own plans using SNAP-Plus software.

Nav has served as the Fresh Market Vegetable Production regional specialist for CWAS.  He has conducted Market Growers Workshops and helped growers understand the importance of soil testing and using those soil test results to apply nutrients that enhance production.

Green Lake County is agriculturally diverse.  While corn and soybean production are the primary crops, there is extensive acreage devoted to commercial vegetable productions; a large number of these growers are Amish.  Before 2010, the Amish farmers and growers were underserved in Green Lake County.  Rarely did they have contact with or interaction with UW-Extension and the programs and education they provide.  Nav made outreach to this underserved group his priority.  Nav has built a trusting and respectful relationship and met with these farmers where they live and work.   As a result the Amish have become more open to using University based research and resources.   He has authored a series of vegetable Integrated Pest Management factsheets targeting his Amish growers.

Additionally, Nav has developed a great deal of expertise in the area of program evaluation. He is a published author in this subject area and a sought after resource as colleagues strive to effectively demonstrate impact in their educational programming.

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