Jamie Patton

Jamie PattonJamie Patton was a tenured Soil Science faculty member at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri before joining UW-Extension in Shawano County in 2013.  Originally from Iowa, Dr. Patton earned her graduate degree from Iowa State, and later her PhD from Oklahoma State University. 

She became known in NW Missouri as a valuable resource in soil quality, soil health, and cover crops.  This was largely due to outreach activities that she developed over and above her normal teaching role.  These outreach activities always included student participation, giving them practical experience and a better understanding of how classroom learning applies to the broader community.

 Jamie’s work in Shawano County also focuses on outreach efforts related to soil quality and health, including cover crops and other soil conservation practices.  Recently, she has provided educational support for state and federal agency employees involved with the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  Her contributions to the community also included an active role in local foods and community gardening.

 As a tenured faculty member at Northwest Missouri State University, Jamie was active in both class room teaching, as well as applied field research and demonstration projects. member in many professional associations and attended regional and national meetings throughout her 10 years at Northwest Missouri State University. In addition, Jamie was involved in international agricultural education and accompanied students to Japan, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland. She was also successful in obtaining numerous research grants, including a USDA-NRCS grant to support a university/community project known as the “People’s Garden”.

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