Tina Kohlman

Tina-Ag showcaseTina Kohlman has served as a UW-Extension Dairy & Livestock Agent since 1999.  In 2012 Tina’s appointment changed to a dual-county appointment for Fond du Lac (80%) and Sheboygan (20%) Counties.  Tina’s programming efforts have focused on improving farm profitability and innovative ways to reduce production costs and improve food safety.

Tina has provided leadership with annual animal well-being/herd health and calf management programs.   Tina has also helped implement specialized meetings as a response to immediate dairy industry needs as well as meetings related to specific management or profitability topics.  Tina has led over 50 farm management advisory teams to help dairy producers develop goals and implement plans for achieving those goals.

Tina was the lead developer for the Dairy Worker’s Training Winter Calf Management seminar; Raising quality Dairy Replacements seminar, and Start ’em Right, Raise ’em Right calf seminars, and numerous factsheets and publications addressing calf management.  She also co-developed a dozen events over the past five years including Dairy Worker’s Training workshops; Emergencies associated with Feed Mills and Grain Elevators sessions, and Feeding Strategies and Resources during Challenging Times seminars and the UW-Extension Heart of the Farm conference.

She has been instrumental in several applied research studies over the past five years providing data or leadership for projects including: Economic Costs and Labor Efficiencies Associated with Raising Dairy Herd Replacements on Wisconsin Dairy Farms and Custom Heifer Raising Operations, Opportunities to Improve Starch Digestibility on Dairy Farms (Manure Starch Analysis Project), USDA/NAHMS Dairy Heifer Grower Biosecurity Survey.

Tina is involved on several teams and has worked with numerous specialists and county colleagues on a number of projects that positively impact her clientele.  Additionally, she utilizes service providers and agricultural consultants to help multiply the impact of her educational programs.

In 2012, Tina received the UW-Extension ANRE Mentor of the Year Award; the UW-Extension Eastern District “Step up to the Plate” Award and in 2013 she received the Fond du Lac County Junior Holstein Association Friend of the Association Award.

To learn more about Tina’s UW-Extension scholarly work, please click here.


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