Kevin Schoessow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin Schoessow serves Burnett, Washburn and Sawyer counties as the UW-Extension Agriculture Development Agent. Kevin is based at the Spooner Ag Research Station office in Spooner. His major program focus are in the areas of Small Scale Commercial Fruit & Vegetables and Agriculture Development.

The major project within Fruit & Vegetable production centers on cold climate grape production. Kevin has provided programming on grape management, pruning, IPM, vineyard walks and has hosted various grape related webinars. Kevin worked on the development of a wine grape variety trial at the Spooner ARS.

Kevin has also worked with growers to develop other small fruits in Northern Wisconsin. Kevin has addressed their needs through one-on-one consultations, field days, and site visits. Kevin worked on a six part series on the business of small scale fresh market fruits as part of the Farming for Profit series hosted in six counties.

Kevin has focused his Agriculture Development programming efforts towards soil quality by hosting soil quality trainings, promoting cover cropping, and partnering with local farmers and NRCS staff with on-farm demonstrations. Kevin supports local food system, working with farmer’s market managers on market development and promotion and farmers selling direct to consumers.

In addition to his major programming efforts, Kevin serves as an advisor to the North County Master Gardener association, assists in teaching your tractor safety, collaborates with LCO Extension, and oversees the award winning Teaching & Display Garden located at the Spooner Station. Kevin also collaborates with WNEP educators in all three counties where he serves. In fact there are school gardens in all three counties related to this collaboration.

Kevin has built strong relationships with state specialists to conduct research trials at the Spooner ARS focused on fruit and vegetable production. Kevin also collaborates with Otto Wiegand focusing more on dairy and livestock Extension programming.

To read more about Kevin’s scholarly work in the UW-Extension, please click here.

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