Sharon Morrisey

SharonSharon Morrisey Morrisey serves as the UW-Extension Consumer Horticulture Agent for Milwaukee County.  Sharon has developed an incredible relationship with the Milwaukee Media, which allows her to connect with thousands of clientele. Sharon’s leadership and development with the Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) program has also been incredible.

Since 1998 Sharon has had a successful partnership with the local Fox affiliate on Channel 6 TV referred to as the “Green Thumb Garden”. Sharon presents four live segments on the morning Wake-Up News Show each year. These segments are posted on Channel 6’s web site and also copied onto DVD’s and viewers can access them throughout the entire gardening season. The segments all feature our UWEX-based recommended gardening practices having to do with vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits.

Sharon serves as the lead agent and educator for the County’s MGV program. Sharon provides Level 1, Level 2 training along with Specialized Short Courses. In 2012 this program certified 378 MGV who provided nearly 24,000 hours of volunteer service and nearly 8,000 hours of continuing education. Because MGV’s also serve as speakers for many different organizations, Sharon has developed over a dozen PowerPoint presentations they can use that are in binders they can check out with a paper copy of the presentation, a CD and the accompanying handouts.

She is the program Coordinator for the Horticulture and Urban Agriculture program. They partner with various County Departments, especially Parks and Recreation, Boerner Botanical Gardens (BBG), the Mitchell Park Domes, the Wehr Nature Center and the Milwaukee County Zoo which are all county owned and operated facilities where UWEX provides programs. In particular at BBG, Sharon along with UWEX and MGV’s provide diagnostic services for the gardening public, offer educational programs for the public. The UWEX and MGV’s create and manage a garden at these sites. All the gardens are open to the public and have an educational focus such as native plants, attracting butterflies, reproducing historical plantings, healing or therapeutic or designed for disabled individuals.

Sharon directs the activities of the Hort Help Line which receives approximately 1,000 inquires each year. Sharon is part of a program that donates produce to Hunger Task Force, a hunger prevention program. Additionally she is a member of ANRE Horticulture team and co-chairs the Consumer Hort Working Group and contributes her time and knowledge to various other committees and work groups.

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