Greg Blonde

GGreg Blonde 2013 #2reg Blonde, Waupaca County as the UW-Extension Ag Agent since 1984, focuses on three major areas: dairy/farm business management, crop production and soil/water conservation.

Greg works closely with both Ag industry professionals and producers to improve farm business management skills, including past programs and publications through outreach efforts called Farming in Difficult Times. He also works to improve forage quality through annual first crop alfalfa monitoring and corn silage moisture testing programs, helping farmers increase profits by lowering feed costs and vet bills. During the drought of 2012, his publication “Buying and Selling Corn Silage” was one of the most frequently downloaded documents on the UW Extension Team Forage website.

In 2008 Greg received a $75,000 grant to develop a county based voluntary conservation easement donation program helping local landowners protect their crop and forest land from future non-agricultural development. Greg developed a 10-step landowner guide to help eligible landowners learn how conservation easement donations work, as well as a fact sheet on a statewide pilot (PACE) program to share with colleagues. Today, Waupaca County is one of the leading counties in the United States for permanent preservation of prime crop and forest land.

More recently, Greg has been involved with local field research examining use of foliar fungicides as a potential new management practice for corn (grain and silage) and alfalfa with results published through the Midwest Forage Association and Journal of Plant Pathology. Animal welfare has also emerged as an important issue. In 2010, Greg and several colleagues established an annual statewide UW-Extension Dairy and Beef Animal Wellbeing conference, which was recognized with a statewide Extension Team program award in 2014.

Read more about Greg Blonde’s scholarly work here.

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