Ken Schroeder (2012)

Ken Schroeder PhotoKen Schroeder has served as the Agriculture Educator in Portage County since 2006.   Ken’s programming reaches beyond the Portage County lines as the commercial vegetable production specialist for the Central Wisconsin Agriculture Specialization Team. Ken has cultivated excellent working relationships with clientele, key industries, and state and local agencies and has used these partnerships to develop and deliver new and creative programs.

Ken’s work on fertilizer rates and timing of nutrient application in vegetable production showed that farmers may have been over fertilizing. His research and education on this topic has resulted in farmers saving thousands of dollars and reduced the potential for groundwater contamination.

Enhancing vegetable production and quality has also been a priority of Ken’s programming. Ken’s quick and professional response to a recent late blight infestation helped protect Wisconsin’s potato and tomato crop.    Ken developed a root cellar seminar that caught the attention National Public Radio and resulted in an article Taking Root: The Root Cellar Becomes Cool Again.

Water resources are vital to agriculture in Portage County and the entire region. Through Ken’s efforts a coalition of farmers, processors, community members, and natural resource professionals have formed regarding the region’s water resources.   Ken co-authored a published paper titled the Economics of Water Dependent Industries in Portage County. Ken has also demonstrated the benefits of using irrigation management systems along with electronic moisture sensors to make better irrigation decisions. Ken authored articles and gave presentations on irrigation management and serves on the Central Wisconsin Groundwater Task Force.

As the Portage County Agriculture Extension Educator, Ken has demonstrated a high level of scholarship, impact, and potential for future contributions to the profession, department and university.

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