Bill Halfman (2012)

Bill HalfmanBill Halfman is an accomplished agricultural agent for Monroe County. His work in beef production and agronomy have been recognized within Monroe County as well as throughout the state.

Bill has been the driving force for the beef team. His outstanding work in developing numerous factsheets and spreadsheet tools have helped producers develop cost analysis and close out data as a result it has helped producers make more money and reduce waste and costs.   Bill has helped encourage pre-conditioning as a marketing tool for cow-calf producers. Bill has been the leader of the Cattle Feeder’s series for several years. During this time he helped develop and improve the following budgets and tools: Feedlot Enterprise Budget, Feedlot Closeout Worksheet, Stocker Enterprise Budget and a Yardage Calculator. These tools have helped many producers improve their financial analysis of their beef operations.

Bill works with many specialists from our own state as well as other states. He has worked with DATCP and other state agencies, and works well in teams conducting research and delivering programs.

With respect to agronomy, Bill has partnered with other agents and specialist from other states to help farmers to see that the cost of producing their own diesel fuel was more than buying diesel fuel and using their oilseed crops for other purposes. He also was instrumental in looking at foliar fungicides and that helped determine that the results were statistically insignificant. According to conference surveys those attending indicated that their foliar fungicide use would decreased 37% to 21% based on the data of research conducted about its use that Bill shared.

Bill also works with the Amish farmers in the area that grow bedding plants and fresh market produce sold through various markets including a produce auction, CSA ventures and contract growers for Organic Valley. He has included state specialists in this programming effort and has worked with them to conduct on farm trials and demonstrations and numerous field days and workshops that have led to the growers adopting IPM programs and improving their production in both quality and yield.

More of Bill’s work can be found by reading  Tenured Faculty Review Report-2013-Bill Halfman


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