Adam Hady (2012)


Adam HadyAdam Hady has served as the Richland County Agricultural Agent since 2004. Adam’s program has focused on dairy and livestock production, farm business and decision making, and addressing the non-traditional agricultural producer.

Adam’s professional background in poultry production and the scholarly work that he has conducted has earned him the respect similar to that of a state specialist. Adam has shared his poultry knowledge at in-service trainings for colleagues and at regional meetings. He has been instrumental in developing fact sheets for the Small Farms Team and his backyard poultry factsheets have been posted on blogs and websites in many states. His poultry series of publications that is part of the Learning Store is very popular as is the cost calculator he developed for the small flock poultry industry.   Adam is considered a “go to” professional among colleagues and clientele across the state for trusted, unbiased poultry educational information.

Adam successfully uses innovative teaching methods to meet the different needs of the clientele that he serves. Richland County has very rough terrain and is well suited for traditional smaller family owned livestock farms.   The county also has considerable numbers of residential/lifestyle farmers. Adam developed and taught a “Beef 101” series of meetings to meet the needs of both. In regards to the traditional smaller dairy farms he recognized that modernization was needed for many of these farms if they were to survive into the future. Adam developed a system of identifying goals of the owners and perspective owners before automatically going to the finances and building approach.   He used a similar approach with the residential/lifestyle farmers, who were not yet producers but looking for a way to utilize their land in an agricultural fashion. He developed a factsheet titled “Planning Your Rural Property”. This factsheet along with the discussions Adam had with the landowners allowed them to develop realistic expectations for them and their property.

More about Adam’s work can be found here: Adam Hady Tenure Portfolio – Summary











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