4-H Meats Judging Contest

What:  This Contest test the knowledge of youth in placement of carcass and retail cut classes, carcass grading, retail cut identification and a quiz. This contest occurs annually with the teams traveling to Kansas City, MO and Denver, CO for national competition.  There is a Junior Division as well at the state level.

When:  Saturday, Feb.18, 2017, 12:30 registration, 1:00 pm start time
Where:  UW Madison, Meat Lab

2016 Contest Information:

2016 Meats Judging Packet Final  – Please print out this packet as it includes all information regarding the 2016 contest.

2016 Meats Judging Registration Form (Fillable) Please use this form to register youth on teams.  This form is due to Bernie O’Rourke by February 12th.

Meats Contest Resource Sheets – Below are examples of sheets used in the contest.
Beef Carcass Evaluation
Pork Carcass Evaluation
Lamb Carcass Evaluation
Beef Grading Worksheet
Processed Meat Sheet
Processed Meat Guide
Retail Cut Key
Meats Scantron
Scantron Directions
Label Questions

2016 Media Information:

2016 Contest Results – Junior Division

2016 Contest Results – Senior Division


University of Nebraska Meats Website
Texas A&M Meats Website
University of Kentucky Meats Website
National 4-H Contest Website

Beef cut Chart:  http://www.beeftips.com/cutchart.aspx

Interactive Meat Case: http://www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/butchercounter.aspx#explore

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