September 23rd: End of Season Wrap-up


Rain has been plentiful for some and lacking for others.  This spotty rain has caused flash floods and even erosion watch in some areas of the state.  This occurs while other pockets of the state are stuck wanting more rain to finish off the ripening process!  With no frosts at this point in the season, the growth continues oddly enough this is especially prevalent in tomato plants still going.  Watch out for those fall invaders that PJ warned about in his presentation, they are beginning to rear their heads.  This and the changing color of the leaves are big signs of fall coming into full swing with the official end of summer last week.  Have a nice winter and stay warm!

Introduction (00:00)

County Reports (00:35)

Specialists Reports (6:50)

  • Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison/Extension Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic

Special Topic: (13:45) Questions, Comments, Concerns, and Ideas


Interested in Farm to School? October is Farm to School month. The regional Farm to School network is trying to push for the Great Apple Crunch. Janesville school district has gotten a lot of students involved and attempting to talk about gardens and farming. This event is basically a large outreach event for school age children and gets kids excited about crunching apples all at the same time.

Wrap-up: (32:30)


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The September 23rd Wisconsin Horticulture Update Summary

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