September 16th: Urban Agriculture and Hoop Houses


This week’s Wisconsin Horticulture Update featured a talk on Urban agriculture and more specifically the use of hoop houses and breeding.  Julie Dawson, the UW-Extension Urban Agriculture Specialist, gave this report and even touched on how CSA and local cooks and gardeners can participate in the fun of research!  The month of September has been a wet one thus far and questions are centered mostly around this with pests popping up that haven’t always traditionally been around this late in the season.  Join Vijai Pandian as host of this week’s WHU and learn all about what Julie has to say.  Tune in next week for the wrap up session of the Wisconsin Horticulture Update!

  • Introduction (00:00)

  • County Reports (00:18)

  • Special Guest: (9:00) – Julie Dawson, Urban Agriculture Specialist for UW-Extension

  • Announcements: (42:10)

    • Interested in Farm to School? October is Farm to School month.  The regional Farm to School network is trying to push for the Great Apple Crunch.  Janesville school district has gotten a lot of students involved and attempting to talk about gardens and farming.  This event is basically a large outreach event for school age children and gets kids excited about crunching apples all at the same time.  
  • Wrap-up: (42:20)


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Learn More:

  • Come get some information about Julie’s research on her Lab web page.
  • You can also view her profile here in case you would like to reach out to her.
  • Julie Dawson’s accompanying presentation can be found here: Julie’s Presentation.
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