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June 3, 2016: Herbalism a Workshop

Plentiful rain and growing conditions are causing many flowers to bloom in the past few weeks. Along with these blooming also comes an increase in insects, fungi, weeds, and other pests and questions. This late spring has brought up many inquiries regarding these issues and more from around Wisconsin to our very own WHU participants. Join us as UW-Extension’s Erin LaFaive takes us through a talk about Herbalism.


September 4, 2015: Straw Bale Gardening (and Other Tight Space Gardening Tips)

Hot, dry weather with spotty thunderstorms are the norm for many parts of Wisconsin this week.  Wisconsin Horticulture Update participants report numerous concerns and questions about tomato late blight, with additional questions about swarming ants, gnats, bees and wasps, and small animal damage.  Also, fall garden questions (e.g., when to divide plants, when to prune, how […]


August 28, 2015: Breeding Tasty Vegetables

Moderate rains continue in many parts of the state again this week and with the approach of autumn questions for Wisconsin Horticulture Update participants begin to slow.  Participants report a smattering of questions on emerald ash borer, bees and wasps, lawn grubs and slugs, as well as questions on leaf blights on tomato, powdery mildew on […]


August 21, 2015: Butterfly Gardening

Welcome rain hits many parts of the state this week, bringing welcome relief and stimulating lawns to regreen and begin once again to grow.  This week’s participants report continued reports of spotted wing Drosophila, as well as skunk and raccoon issues as they dig up lawns to get to grubs of May/June beetle and Japanese […]


August 14, 2015: Novelty Fruits

Dry conditions continue in much of southern Wisconsin with patchy (and sometimes heavy) rain in much of the rest of the state.  Because of the dry conditions, lawns are going dormant in many areas and residents are becoming more aware of and asking questions about weeds and invasive plants.  Tree decline continues to be a […]


August 7, 2015: Weed/Invasive Plant Update

Much needed rain hits central and east central Wisconsin, but southeast Wisconsin remains dry while northwest Wisconsin is lush from frequent rains.  Wisconsin Horticulture Update participants report questions that are all over the map this week.  Common threads include questions about emerald ash borer (with a first report of the insect in Marquette County) and dying […]