SWYS 2009 Results

In 2009 twenty-five participating schools administered the Southwest Wisconsin Youth Survey. A total of 5,776 students in grades 7-12 participated. The survey assesses teens’ perceptions of self, family, school and community; their future aspirations, worries and concerns; financial practices; and their activities, both positive and problematic. The information is broken down into the themes below. Click on one to see the data.



 Chapter 1.  Demographics

 Chapter 2.  Tobacco Use

 Chapter 3.  Alcohol Use

 Chapter 4.  Other Drug Use

 Chapter 5.  Teen Sexuality

 Chapter 6.  Mental Health

 Chapter 7.  Personal Safety

 Chapter 8.  Family Relationships

 Chapter 9.  Time Use and Peers

 Chapter 10.  Teens and Technology

 Chapter 11.  School

 Chapter 12.  Community

Chapter 13.  Indicators of Positive Youth Development

 Appendix A.   Instrument Development, Reliability and Validity

 Appendix B.   References