EPA Toolkit on Wasted Food and Packaging


The EPA has recently released a free, new resource to reduce food and packaging waste! The Reducing Wasted Food & Packaging Toolkit helps restaurants, grocers, caterers, and other commercial kitchens to save money and reduce their environmental impact. We encourage you to explore the toolkit and share extensively with those in your food services network.

Understanding the amount, type of, and reason for food waste is the first step toward reducing it. The kit includes an Excel audit tool that allows users to tailor their waste tracking to the level of detail needed for their facility. Once the data is entered, the spreadsheet automatically generates graphs and data summaries to help facilities identify opportunities to reduce waste.

You can find this free resource and others at http://www.epa.gov/foodrecovery/tools/index.htm.

We encourage food services to join EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC), a free program for any organization which prepares, sells or serves food. Participants reduce wasted food through source reduction, donation and recycling, saving money, helping communities and protecting the environment. We share tools, webinars and other useful information on tracking and reducing wasted food and give annual EPA awards.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about the toolkit or other resources EPA has to offer.

Warm regards,

Amanda Hong and Wendi Shafir

PS. Some email users have trouble with hyperlinks. Here are the full links in case that’s you:

PDF guide: http://go.usa.gov/8m7W

Excel tool: http://go.usa.gov/8m7d

FRC: http://go.usa.gov/8m7F