MN Webinar on Safer Alternatives to Coal Tar – Nov.20, 2013

State/provincial-level programs – Wednesday, November 20th, from 9:30-10:30 Central time

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In addition to providing more background on coal tar sealcoat use and efforts in 3 states to reduce associated PAH releases, we will describe studies done in the Great Lakes area and how they can help focus reduction programs.

For more information on Safer Sealcoat Alternatives:
SHWEC has created an educational series on asphalt sealcoats, to help guide Wisconsin citizens and communities on choosing safer asphalt sealcoats:
Coal Tar-Based Asphalt Sealcoats – A Health and Environmental Hazard
Keeping Coal Tar Out of School Yards
Avoiding High Costs from Stormwater Sediment Contaminated by Coal Tar-Based Sealcoats
Avoiding Coal Tar-Based Asphalt Sealcoats
Choosing a Coal Tar-Free Sealcoat

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