EPA Offers webinar on funding for climate adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation for State and Local Governments: Attracting Funding for Adaptation

May 1, 2013
Webinar, 12-1:30 CDT

Governments, hosted by EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program. The series will bring together state and local stakeholders from a variety of sectors to offer examples and solutions to some of the most pressing challenges to implementation — how to achieve buy-in, how to overcome the uncertainty barrier, and how to attract funding. Participants should come away from the series with an understanding of why adaptation to climate change is critical, the current state of the field as it applies to states and communities, how to scale programs to meet local needs, and what actions can be taken at the state and local levels to build support for adaptation and increase community resilience. This webinar will focus on how to secure funding for adaptation. The presentations will provide examples of how communities of various sizes have attracted funding and provide available resources for participants to identify appropriate funds. The experts who present on this webcast will discuss how to maximize funding by mainstreaming adaptation planning and how to simultaneously address adaptation and mitigation.