Engage in Energy: Energy On Wisconsin Web Clearinghouse provides a forum for exchange

Energy On Wisconsin, a program collaboration of the Wisconsin State Energy Office and UW-Extension, just launched a web clearinghouse to engage, inform and educate local government officials and energy providers about Wisconsin energy projects, opportunities and needs. The goal of the web site is to promote sustainable energy practices through energy conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and bioenergy approaches. Energy On Wisconsin is unique in fostering information exchange and collaboration between the state, University of Wisconsin Extension, public and private sectors about funding, technologies, policies, projects, approaches and training that move the state toward energy independence. The clearinghouse is interactive in that it allows users to post pictures and videos of energy projects, as well as questions and discussions about energy topics. Show off and share your successes and learn what others are doing by logging on to Energy On Wisconsin at http://energyonwi.uwex.edu.

Energy On Wisconsin is a joint program of the State Energy Extension Partnership Initiative that is funded through the US Department of Energy.