Additional Activities

Module A: How Much Will It Cost? And Can I Afford It?
Module B: Checking Out the Rental Property and the Landlord

  • Identify what they want and need in a rental unit.

    Materials needed: Paper plates labelled with housing needs listed on Handout 1: My Housing Needs (e.g., near bus line, near family/friends, near work, etc., [1 plate per item]) spread around the room. Slips of paper labelled “very important”, “moderately important” and “not important” (multiples of each for every participant). Handout 1: My Housing Needs

    Suggested Introduction: We all have different needs in making housing selections―from the neighborhood we live, into the features of the property we are looking at. Knowing what is important and what isn’t helps narrow our search for rental property.

    Instructions: Have participants walk around the room, placing their very important, moderately important, not important slips on the plates/characteristics that were most important, moderately important, not important. Invite participants to tally the slips on each plate and have the group discuss what the overall group found most important to least important and why these choices were made. (Using the expertise of the group.) Distribute copies of Handout 1: My Housing Needs for later use.

    ―Submitted by Beverly Baker, Racine County Family Living Educator, March 2017

Module C: Application Process

Module D: Who’s Responsible for Maintenance, Repairs and Care?
Module E: Communications
Module F: Rental Agreements—Moving In, Moving On