Master Meat Crafter Training Program

Have you been looking for an opportunity to take your knowledge of Meat Science and meat processing to the next level? Are you interested in building upon your current background and knowledge base to improve your business and/or your ability to perform your current job? If so, this unique opportunity may be exactly what you’ve been looking for…

The Master Meat Crafter Training Program is a unique, one-of-a-kind program that provides participants with a well-rounded, in-depth, and comprehensive knowledge about Meat science and meat processing principles. It also delivers development opportunities for future meat industry leaders, and helps to ensure the US meat industry remains strong and viable for years to come.

What can you expect? The program consists of five core classes and four targeted topic exercises over a two year period. Classes include the Fresh Meats School, Food Safety and Meat Microbiology School, Meat Curing School, Cooked and Emulsified Sausage School, and the Fermented and Cured Meat Products School. The four topic exercises comprise of 1) Homework assignments administered throughout the course to expand on specific learning objectives.  Questions from the previous course content and a Meat Science article/topic are given with participants completing a review. 2) Participants will complete a mentorship program where they are expected to mentor an employee or other individual based on various meat science and meat processing topics learned from the Master Meat Crafter Training Program. 3) Each participant will conduct a plant research project of their choice and prepare a written report and oral presentation. 4) Each participant will present their mentorship program and plant project to the class at the graduation ceremony.

What will you gain from program completion? After successful completion of the four program elements outlined, participants will be awarded distinction as a “Master Meat Crafter” signifying their skill set and understanding of Meat science/meat processing principles warranting their status as a true master of their craft. The Master Meat Crafter Program has been developed in conjunction with the Specialty Meat Development Center (SMDC) of Wisconsin and is supported by the University of Wisconsin Meat Science Extension, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors.

2016-2018 MMC Class. The next MMC class will begin in January 2016.  Check back for the 2016-2018 application materials.

MMC Program Brochure  (2016-2018 MMC brochure  now posted!)

MMC Training Program Outline (2016-2018 MMC program outline now posted!)

MMC Program Application-writeable (2016-2018 MMC application now posted!)

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The 2014 Class of Master Meat Crafter Graduates.

The 2012-2014 Class of Master Meat Crafter Graduates.

Master Meat Crafter Graduates: Back row of 6:(from left to right): Roy Barden (Pardeeville, WI), Louis Muench (Louie’s Finer Meats; Cumberland, WI), Rick Reams (RJ’s Meats & Groceries; Hudson, WI), Bennett Fraboni (Fraboni’s Italian Specialties; Monona, WI), Dusten Hoesly (Hoesly’s Meats; New Glaris, WI), Mike Clark (Lodi Sausage Company; Lodi, WI); Middle row of 5 (from L to R): Craig Huth (Richland Locker; Richland Center, WI), Jeff Roberts (Glenn’s Market & Catering; Watertown, WI), Jusdon Rechek (Rechek’s Food Pride; Beaver Dam, WI), Andy Geiss (Geiss Meat Service; Merrill, WI), Dave VanHemelryk (Maplewood Meats; Green Bay, WI); Front row of 6 (from L to R): Nate Barden (Pardeeville, WI), Jacob Sailer (Sailer’s Food Market & Meat Processing Inc; Elmwood, WI), Jim Johnson (Otto’s Meats; Luxemburg, WI), Matthew Bayer (Country Fresh Meats; Weston, WI), Jennifer Hoeppner (Quality Cut Meats; Cascade, WI), and Jeff Schmalfeldt (Lake Geneva Country Meats Inc; Lake Geneva, WI).

1st Graduating Class

The 2010-2012 Class of Master Meat Crafter Graduates.

Row 1 (seated left to right): Anton Washa (Foley Locker, Inc. Foley, MN), Jennifer Dierkes (McDonald’s Meats, Inc. Clear Lake, MN), Thomas Heise (Custom Meats of Marathon, Inc. Marathon, WI), Terrance Prem (Prem Meats, Spring Green, WI), Bradley Pearson (Lodi Sausage Co. Lodi, WI). Row 2 (left to right): Mike Flanigan (Northwoods Locker, LLC. Clayton, WI), Jamie Cline (T.A. Solberg Co. Rhinelander, WI), Gidget Joyal (Johnsonville Sausage LLC. Sheboygan Falls, WI), Louis Muench (Louie’s Finer Meats, Inc. Cumberland, WI), Andrew Pearson (Sixth Street Market Ashland, WI), John Franseen (Hewitt Meat Processing, Inc. Marshfield, WI), Joel Reck (Ski’s Meat Market, Stevens Point, WI) Ralph Krawczyk (Wixon Inc. St. Francis, WI). Row 3 (left to right): Nathan Jorgensen (Peroutka’s Meat Processing, Antigo, WI), Kurtis Lam (Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly, Oconomowoc, WI), William Muench (Louie’s Finer Meats, Inc. Cumberland, WI), Philip Schmidt (The Meat Block LLC, Greenville, WI), Mark Hanni (PS Seasonings and Spices, Iron Ridge, WI), David Mauer (Wisconsin River Meats, Mauston, WI), Chad Nolechek (Nolechek’s Meats, Inc. Thorp, WI), Anthony Reams (RJ’s Meats and Groceries, Hudson, WI).



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