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Wisconsin Broadband Project Offers Free Community Training

Broadband ChoicesBroadband 101: What Do Consumers Need to Know?

Free community training is available Wednesday, October 26, 10—11.30 AM CST for Broadband 101: What do consumers need to know? To be held at the Marathon County University of Wisconsin Extension, 212 River Drive, Suite 3, Wausau, WI 54403­‐5476.

With all the choices available on the market, it can be confusing for consumers to make decisions about how they access the Internet, why high speed connectivity is important and how to evaluate service offerings. This free program will provide an overview of tools that can be used to identify providers and make decisions about service choices.

There are consumers without internet service choices, and this program will also cover what they can do to be more proactive in getting service.

This free program will be delivered as a live webinar using Elluminate and will include time for some group activities (at group sites), and questions.

For more information on participating or viewing the webinar, contact Dean Forss @ 715‐261­‐1246 or register to view the webinar online after the live presentation at


Professor Andy Lewis, Community and Economic Development Manager, Office of Broadband Sustainability, University of Wisconsin-Extension. Andy is focusing his educational programming on increasing broadband subscribership and connectivity in the State of Wisconsin. Andy’s main interest lies in helping communities, businesses, and residents understand the benefits of broadband and its impact on economic development and quality of life.