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Coping with Your Local Road Weight Issues at Fall Workshop

What if our town does not have large agricultural haulers?  Is there anything in The Fall Workshop for our Board? “There sure is,” says Steve Pudloski of the UW Madison Transpiration Information Center.  “All communities must cope with heavily loaded vehicles, be they log hauling, manure hauling, sand and gravel trucks, construction equipment, garbage trucks […]

2014 Fall Town Village Workshops Starting Soon

What can local governments do about large agricultural equipment damage to their roads?  What does Roberts Rules say about meeting by phone or over the Internet?  And what about levy limits, or preparing the DOR Form C? Find out about these topics and more at the Fall Town & Village Workshops in September 2014.  Presented […]

Learn Local Government Budget Information on Your Computer

Is this your first time preparing a budget with your Local Government?  Or are you looking for a refresher or an update?  A recording of a September 2012 the webinar “Developing the Annual Budget” is  available on your home or office on your computer with an Internet connection.  Gain not only a good understanding of […]

Guidance on Grievance Procedure

Several resources are available to help local governments meet the deadline for the new requirement to create an Employee Grievance Policy.  Wisconsin Act 10, also called the Budget Repair Bill, made profound changes to local government relations with their employees.  The effect on union employees is well known from local and national media coverage of […]

LGC Partner, Craig Maher, Saw Opportunity in Budget Crisis

Professor Craig Maher of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh has been a frequent collaborator and partner with the Local Government Center.   Recently, Craig and other experts were invited by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Editorial Board to write about how government can be more efficient.  Craig’s editorial, “Out of crisis may come opportunities for change” appeared in […]

Subdivision Platting Requirements Changed

Below is  an informative article written by Attorney Connie Anderson of Stafford Rosenbaum, LLP, on recent changes to Chapter 236, the subdivision platting statute.  The article was first distributed by email.  Attorney Anderson has consented to allowing “Local Call” to post this article.  Note that certain action steps are recommended to be completed before year’s […]